Dolphin server requirements

These are the technical requirements which must be met so that your Dolphin powered online community or social network will run smoothly.

  • Linux/Unix (Red Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, etc.) or Windows OS
  • Apache Web Server
  • Ability to run executable files (necessary for ffmpeg.exe)
  • Ability to set Cron Jobs
  • MySQL 4.1.2 and higher
  • 20MB of disk space and 1MB of MySQL DB space for installation
  • 8MB of disk space and 50KB of MySQL DB space for an average user
  • PHP 4.3.6 and higher
    • safe_mode must be Off
    • exec() must be allowed
    • allow_url_fopen also must be On
    • mbstring, domxml and xsl extensions (required to run Orca forum and UTF-8 support)
  • GD library compiled with TrueType fonts (for photo processing) or ImageMagick as an alternative
  • Sendmail or Postfix
  • root SSH access (necessary for Ray Media Server installation)

The last requirements implies Dolphin can be installed only on a VPS or VDS server. However there are a few web hosting companies which will install Dolphin for free on a shared hosting environment, for example ImageLeet.

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